“Shane Hinton’s fiction is the visceral kind that you feel with your whole body, and it makes me want to cry through my laughing and cringing. I don’t know a better compliment to give a writer.” ~Jeff Parker, author of Where Bears Roam The Streets

“Shane Hinton’s story collection Pinkies is weird, and it is wonderful. In one story, a man named Shane Hinton discovers that there is a whole big world of Shane Hintons out there, and invites them all to his house for a get together, and then worries that his wife might be lusting after one, or more than one, of them. In another, a man can’t stop burying himself in in the town dump because of all the discarded love letters he finds there. This debut collection–in which the everyday is always extraordinary–reminds me of fiction by Joy Williams and Mary Robison, and also of movies by Charlie Kaufman. If that sounds like ridiculously high praise, then good: Pinkies deserves it.” ~Brock Clarke, author of The Happiest People in the World

“Shane Hinton’s stories will fuck you up in the most glorious way. Brilliance collides with distortion just enough to reflect back to us who we really are: beautiful, wrong, perfect creatures. If Kafka got it on with Flannery O’Connor, Pinkies would be their love child.” ~Lidia Yuknavitch, author of The Small Backs of Children

“Shane Hinton’s writing is terrifically smart and coolly cerebral, and full of quietly reserved, understated power. He treats the despair of the essential human condition with strength and dignity. A remarkable new young American writer, whose talent is likely to become progressively more vital and profound in the years to come.” ~Mikhail Iossel, author of Every Hunter Wants to Know

“The stories in Shane Hinton’s Pinkies wriggle with volatility. Bracingly unpredictable, they’ll slip out your hands if you’re not careful. Here is all the absurdity and latent dread of life, but funnier, stranger, more potent.” ~Kevin Moffett, author of The Silent History